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Is IGTV Going Away? Yes and No.

IGTV, the longform video platform that Instagram launched in 2018, is done. Sort of.After several experiments with the platform, including integrating it within the native Instagram app, The Verge is reporting that the platform has decided to meld features of longform video within the general feed itself, instead of requiring users to upload videos in a different way.In […]

Curious If A Social Platform Is Down? DownDetector Can Help!

Earlier this month, Facebook was faced with a lengthy global shutdown due to internal network issues, which cascaded over to Instagram.  If you’re ever curious if a popular website or social service is down. no need to search other social networks to find out. DownDetector is a free service dedicated to monitoring when major sites / networks are facing […]

Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm Update Emphasizes Original, Quality News Content

Facebook has restructured its News Feed algorithm – again. Now, Facebook says that it will seek to identify and boost outlets that are the first to break a developing story or topic. When stories about the same topic are posted by multiple news outlets, Facebook will strive to boost the most original version of the story to help it get more distribution. […]

Poking on Facebook – and other Hidden Features

Facebook microscope

Remember when you could ‘poke’ your friends on Facebook? This was one of the original, unique engagement opportunities on Facebook. Bet you didn’t know that the poke feature is still available. (It is.) I rediscovered the ‘poke’ and other hidden Facebook features from a great article on They mention the hard-to-find bookmarking feature, live games in […]

New Emphasis for Images On Twitter

Twitter just announced on their official Twitter account that they now have a “richer photo experience” for images that show up on the timeline. From the blog: Starting today, we’re making your timeline more immersive by uncropping photos, so you can experience and present them as they were meant to be viewed. We’re also […]