Hello Library Friends!

Thanks for visiting my website. Here are some examples of content I’ve developed over my time as a social media manager for the Florida Gators.

Part of my job as internal consultant for the Florida Gators is to keep managers current on the updates and changes to the social media landscape. I launched the #GatorsSocial Newsletter in 2016 to help share information and keep my colleagues and interns up-to-speed. 

Archive: https://us12.campaign-archive.com/home/?u=243654404f55648979369d938&id=30ca1e254c

In my previous work as a lead webmaster for UF Web Administration, I launched a blog with a similar purpose – to keep the UF web community updated and informed. My charge was to either post original content or to edit content shared by staff members or interns. Although the blog is no longer active, I was able to find in on the Internet Archive. I discovered that even back in 2010, I was an advocate for Alachua County Library’s online services:

As for creating original video content, I have extensive experience in this as well and am skilled in using most of the Adobe Creative Cloud lineup, including Premiere, After Effects and Photoshop. In my current job, I have access to video and photo archives, so I don’t necessarily have to shoot content, but I have some examples of how I was able to use Premiere & After Effects to take those raw materials to the next level:

On my personal Twitter account, I created a Twitter thread showcasing some of my “greatest hits” during my time with the Florida Gators.