Is IGTV Going Away? Yes and No.

IGTV, the longform video platform that Instagram launched in 2018, is done. Sort of.

After several experiments with the platform, including integrating it within the native Instagram app, The Verge is reporting that the platform has decided to meld features of longform video within the general feed itself, instead of requiring users to upload videos in a different way.

In other words, you’ll soon be able to upload videos than one minute in length on your main IG feed and those videos will have additional options mimicking IGTV, including the ability to add captions.

The IGTV name will go away and that portion of the app will be replaced with a video tab, which will present all videos posted by that user.

For more information, read The Verge’s full article, or, if you prefer a short, to-the-point video, Later on YouTube has you covered.