Vine Videos Are Now Longer. Here’s Why It’s Great.

Example of new Vine format - featuring Aaron Chewning

UPDATE (10/27/16): Vine has just announced that they are shutting down the service. *sad emoji*

Recently, social media platform Vine announced that they would be giving select users the ability to post long form videos. Of course, average users of the service – myself included – were leery, because the 6.5 second looping format was what made the platform unique.

After reviewing how this new feature would be implemented and considering why the change was made in the first place, I’ve decided that it’s a wise move.

Here’s why:

  • The implementation doesn’t detract from the original 6.5 second Vine format. That’s huge, because once you’ve established a solid user base, you certainly don’t want to take away from a format that works.
  • They’re creating more options for their “creators”. Vine has a robust community of content creators and giving them exclusive access to a new feature is always a good idea, in my opinion.
  • They’re keeping viewers on their app / platform. Clearly, they listened to their community and were paying attention to the behaviors of some of their creators that were using Vine as a means of teasing out longer form videos. These users had very little choice but to send viewers to YouTube, where their longer creative videos could be viewed. Now, the viewers can stay put. More viewing time + clicks to view = marketing value for sponsors.

What do you think about the new Vine options? Like them or hate them? Let me know in the comments.