Meerkat vs Periscope: Who’s Winning?

Update 4/21/15: According to Curator, hashtag mentions have dropped for both platforms, but it looks like Meerkat has dropped significantly – from close to 20,000 mentions in a 24 hour period around 11,800 mentions.

Comparison of Meerkat and Periscope usage

Meerkat has seen a significant decrease in mentions on Twitter.


Seems like just yesterday we went from having no real viable players in the phone-based video broadcast arena (except for the overlooked UStream) to two, Meerkat and Periscope. Meerkat is the young upstart, energized with SXSW buzz and fresh, new investor money and Periscope is the late-comer (by literal days) recently purchased by Twitter and launched days after Meerkat’s dramatic entrance.

Now that both have launched and have a few weeks under their belt, which appears the more practical solution? In other words, which of these services is winning at this point – and which is failing?

Because both services push out their name as hashtags when they informed the world about their broadcasts, I thought using Topsy’s search comparison would help decide how many times people were letting the world know that they were live on the “air”.

What I found was a large and growing use of Meerkat that leveled off and begun decreasing around the visually obvious time that Periscope went live. And since that time, Periscope seemed to have the upper hand. Of course, some of this drop could be due to Twitter cutting off Meerkat’s ability to import followers, but that happened mid-March, and the drop in usage happened a couple of weeks later.


This Topsy search result shows that Meerkat rose in popularity and began falling as soon as Periscope surfaced.

I wanted to get another “opinion”, so I used Twitter Curator, which provides full, realtime access to Twitter’s content stream, for listening and curating content.

Based on an evaluation of the last 24 hours of relevant hashtag usage, Meerkat is trailing far behind.


An evaluation of the use of #Meerkat and #Periscope in the last 24 hours on Twitter

One thing to also consider is that Meerkat requires a public declaration on Twitter prior to broadcast, while Periscope doesn’t. This means that there are even more uses of the Periscope service than we can figure based on the hashtag search results.

So, who’s the winner? I’m giving it to Periscope. We’ll see if Meerkat can grow its audience and keep up with the competition.

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