Social Media Hits of the Week – November 21st

Here’s some articles that I found compelling enough to actually read and share. Enjoy!

Social Media Event Marketing Strategy: Before, During, and After

Olsy Sorokina from Hootsuite wrote up a sweet guide for marketing events before, during, and after they happen. Do you have a planning document – on paper or in your head – that helps plan out how to promote, cover, and encourage social sharing for your events? You should – and this article will tell you how.

Facebook Cuts Brands’ Reach Once Again

Advertising Age reviewed Facebook’s latest blog post regarding updates to the EdgeRank algorithm and how posting ad-like content on your wall will less likely be shown to your fans. Everybody panic!

Bottom line – if you’re “overly promotional” and posting products too much on your wall, you’re about to get stung.

Dashboard 61 – Social Media Dashboard

What percentage of your website visitors are referred by social media? If you don’t know, you should. First, install Google Analytics and then take a look at this social media dashboard created by Dashboard Junkie. It breaks down the data that you probably want to know about your visitors, including where they are coming from and if these visitors are coming back. Do it!