Social Media Hits of the Week – December 5

Here’s some articles that I found compelling enough to actually read and share. Enjoy!

4 Instagram Tools for Scheduling Instagram Updatesinstagram-logo-transparent-background

Did you know that you could schedule Instagram images? Well, you can’t – unless you use one of these four tools reviewed by Social Media Examiner. And considering the terrific engagement percentages people are getting from their fans on Instagram, it makes sense to give more high-quality, consistent content.

 10 Pinterest Tips for Smart Brands

Are they baiting you by essentially saying you’re not part of a smart brand if you ignore their tips? Sure, but their recommendations are pretty good, so it’s definitely worth your time to read them.

Dirty Secret: Social Media Analytics Are Failing Marketers

We’re all looking for those magical, boss-impressing numbers as our social media metrics. The dirty secret is… you’re probably misinterpreting what you’re measuring and reporting. Don’t worry – it gets better. Sort of.