Why Ellen’s Oscars Twitter Selfie Made History

The Greatest Twitter Selfie Ever?

In case you missed yesterday’s Oscars telecast and social media chatter, Ellen DeGeneres posted what is now the most shared image in the history of Twitter. The group selfie included almost every A-list celebrity, including Bradley Cooper, Brad Pitt, the always beautiful Jennifer Lawrence, the always beautiful Jared Leto, and a host of other mega-stars.

Most of us don’t have the luxury of leveraging superstars or have a premiere international event to promote, but we can still learn from this example as it represents a lot of common sense approaches to maximizing social media content.

Use established media to promote new media.

It’s clear that people are watching the Oscars on television, so Ellen was smart to leverage the broadcast to tell viewers about content on her Twitter account.

Think about where you might already have an audience established. Is it a blog or e-newsletter? Take the opportunity to tell your readers about your social media accounts – or better yet, tell them about a particular post or tweet that might be of interest. If they’ve committed to subscribing to your e-newsletter, they probably wouldn’t mind following / friending / or becoming a fan.

Let people peek behind the curtain.

What’s it like on the Oscars stage? By tweeting photos directly from her vantage point, Ellen gave almost an insider’s view of the Academy Awards.

Take the opportunity to share information that people wouldn’t normally get to see. How is your product made? Who are the people responsible for making them? Can you give a glimpse of a new design?

How do you want your fans to respond? Tell them.

Ellen made sure to tell viewers that she wanted her upcoming tweet to be the most retweeted ever. By the time she posted the photo, people were already clamoring to do what she asked.

In other words, don’t make people guess – ask them (or tell them) what you want them to do.

What other ways did Ellen take full advantage of Twitter? Where did she miss out? Leave a comment and let me know!