What the Twitter analytics dashboard means for social media managers

Although quite well hidden, Twitter has released their Twitter analytics dashboard for social media managers. Thanks to Christopher Penn for releasing detailed instructions on how to find it.

For social media managers, especially those working for non-profits and/or with limited resources, this is a great opportunity to gain insights about your audience. At this time, the insights are free, which mean easier access to your most effective tweets – most retweeted, favorited, and clicked – for any given period. Prior to this, the only way to get this information was either through another tool like Hootsuite or Sprout Social, or to do it manually, by reviewing all tweets and cutting/pasting into a spreadsheet by hand.

The most exciting and unique feature of Twitter analytics dashboard is the ability to review the top 10 interests of your followers. You’re also able to break these top 10 interests by gender and location. Creating posts that match some of the other interests of your followers have a better chance of getting a response, which can only help your engagement efforts.

Update (7/17/2013) The folks at Social Fresh have posted some details about Twitter analytics and some of the unique features within. Definitely worth a read!