Can standing like Superman boost your public speaking confidence?

I’m deathly afraid of public speaking. The mere thought of it makes my forehead perspire. I’m always looking for tips or tricks to help reduce some of the stress associated with standing in front of a room full of people and faking confidence.

If you ask Harvard researcher and social psychologist Amy Cuddy, faking it is exactly what you should do.

In her TED Talk, Dr. Cuddy explains how assuming a “power pose” – like the classic Wonder Woman pose – will literally cause your body to release more testosterone while also reducing cortisol levels.

After watching her inspiring video, I decided to put her theory to the test. Actually, I needed to, as I had a co-speaking engagement for the Florida Public Relations Association, Gainesville chapter, and I needed any edge that I could get. Prior to the talk, I spent time in the hallway and the back of the room in one of the suggested power poses – and continued to do so periodically throughout the talk.

I have to say that I felt calmer and more confident almost the entire time, which could be attributed to my self-experiment, or due to the friendly crowd. Regardless, I’ll be using these techniques in the future – just in case.

Does this sound far fetched? Something you’re willing to try? Has it worked for you? Let me know in the comments.